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The Ceremony of State Equity

We thank Mrs Sri Mulyani Minister of Finance of the Republic Indonesia, for being present at the Marketing Gallery of Grand Batang City in the State Equity Participation (PMN) ceremony to PT Kawasan Industri Wijayakusuma (Persero) and PT Sarana Multigriya Financial (Persero).

This event wa also attended by the Regent of Batang, Wihaji; Chief Director of PT Wijayakusuma Industrial Area (Persero), Ahmad Fauzie Nur along with ranks; Director of Corporate Strategy & HCM PT PP (Persero) Sinur Linda Gustina; and Director of Operations & Engineering PT Batang Integrated Industrial Area, Adler Manarissan Siahaan.

Finance Minister (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani Indrawati requested the management of PT KITB, Central Java, not to be closed estate and exclusive. "I don't want KITB to be a closed and exclusive industrial area, which turns out only for investors, not for surrounding community", said Sri Mulyani while witnessing the signing of the State Equity Participation (PMN) performance contract for PT Wijayakusuma Industrial Area and PT Sarana Multigriya Finance in Grand Batang City collected from among, Friday (11/03/2022).

According to Sri Mulyani, the people should see the benefits of the existence of Grand Batang City, Grand Batang City offers an area of 4,300 hectares, of which 450 hectares have been completed construction. Through PT Kawasan Industri Wijayakusuma, Grand Batang City obtained State Equity Participation (PMN) derived from APBN 2021 with amount of IDR 977 billion. Sri Mulyani added the Grand Batang City has an image as an invesment purpose for Indonesia. "The surrounding community must become a reliable source of manpower, so it must be really prepared", Sri Mulyani stated.

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