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Grand Batang City Finished its Land Clearing of 450 Ha in Less Than Six Months

Grand Batang City completed its land clearing of Phase 1 of their Cluster 1 with a total area of 450 Ha only in less than six months by April 2021. This 450 Ha area is already occupied by five tenants and more to come. One of the most prominent investors is a Korean company that runs glass manufacturing. Grand Batang City ensures the progress is secured and on track, even ready to speed up its enhancement ​​in order to fulfill the needs of its tenants.

To ensure the progress of estate construction will be done on schedule, Grand Batang City is fully supported by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and other contributors such as PT. PLN (Electricity), PT. Jasa Marga (Highway), and PT. PGN (Energy). Therefore, Grand Batang City assured that all tenants in its Industrial Lots are able to commence its factory construction from Q4 2021 and are expected to start their operational period in 2023.

Since December 2020, the Marketing Gallery of Grand Batang city has been opened to welcome many guests not just domestic but also from all over the world. On another note, they also managed to complete the construction of the Primary Estate Road in June and the Secondary Road in August 2021. The interchange access built at KM 371+750 Batang-Semarang Toll Road Section to Grand Batang City or multi-level toll-access is also already completed in August 2021. The road light and the road drainage are also on track to be completed in December 2021. Grand Batang City makes sure the completion of utilities such as CW, WTP, WWTP, and Electricity are ready by 2022.

Not only the land clearing and infrastructures support, the government also prepared specific areas for the small-to-medium business to be the supply chain support to the growing larger industries in the estate. This area is called Sumilir Business Complex (SBC) with a total land area of 15.6 Ha. SBC is a ready-to-use factory and warehouse building complex for tenants to lease. Grand Batang offers SBC in four types of 3-in-1 buildings (factory, office, warehouse) called Standard Factory Building (SFB) and one type of warehouse building called Supporting Industrial Building (SIB). Located in the heart of Grand Batang City, Moreover, the distance from this complex to Grand Batang City's very own dry port is only ±700 m away, making it convenient for transporting goods.

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